Synio Magnetic Attachment Paramotoring & Paragliding


The Magnetic Paramotoring/Paragliding Attachment is designed to allow you to use your phone securely to navigate whilst flying.

Capture aerial photos mid flight with ease

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The magnetic attachment secures your phone to the flight deck

This attachment also means you can take photos with confidence whilst flying

Navigate in portrait or landscape mode

Design Features

X6 Neodymium magnets are integrated into the attachment

Nyloc fixings have been incorporated along with a custom ball joint

Hand stitched Velcro to the base using an industrial sewing machine

Lanyard included for extra safety

Magnetic plates included

The product is 3D printed using Markforged Onyx material (Nylon & Carbon Fibre)

Synio Flight Deck Products

Synio Magnetic Attachment Paramotoring & Paragliding

PROS: Easy to remove phone to take photos, adjustable magnet mount
CONS: Not very secure on take-off and landing

QuadLock Paramotoring & Paragliding Attachment

PROS: Very secure phone mount
CONS: Difficult to remove phone to take photos

Synio Low Profile Magnetic Paramotoring & Paragliding Attachment

PROS: Easy to remove phone to take photos, bespoke low profile design
CONS: No angle adjustment

Words Of Wisdom

Use the lanyard provided
Make sure your phone isn’t on silent
Turn up your call volume to the highest setting
Turn on location apps so you can find your phone in case you drop your phone
Stow away your phone on take off and landing