Synio Shower Attachment

We developed the Synio Shower Attachment because my 3 year old son was too small to reach and push the shower button after a swimming lesson. This was frustrating when I was trying to get changed and had to keep pressing the button every 30 seconds. I discovered that push button valves are used in lots of locations like campsites, gyms and back packing hostels. A lot of people also find it frustrating whilst having a shower.

We have refined the product and decided to start selling it online.

We design and make the Synio Shower Attachment by pouring tough plastic into silicone moulds, we only make what we sell unlike mass produced products.

Companies want to save water and rightly so. PIR sensors would be the perfect solution, but most showers I’ve come across are push button. All this does is spoil the customer experience, people can push the button as many times as they want. It might actually save water and energy because its quicker to get a shower. With the adaptor people clip it on at the start and end of the shower. It still cuts off the water at the end of the shower as intended.

The Synio Shower Attachment works on showers with a push button, a bespoke attachment will need to be designed for any variants. The attachment is designed for the most common size.

Working with our customers we designed a spacer to fit smaller modern push valves. These smaller valves are used in DW sports. We value feedback from our customers, please get in touch via our contact form.

The spacer is made from flexible rubber for adjust-ability, we supply a spacer with every order.

We make the Synio Shower Attachment in a range of colours.

Available to Buy Now on our website.

4 thoughts on “Synio Shower Attachment

  1. Paul Clark

    Hi Sam,

    Ahh right, yes unfortunately there a couple of different designs on showers the design we have is the most common dating back as far as the late 1980’s although we are at the minute designing a shower attachment to fit the ‘flat button’ showers which will hopefully be finished before the year is out.

    Please do let us know how you get on as the camping season isn’t far from finishing so we could maybe help you out with a ‘prototype / tester’ so you can use it at your local swimming baths. We would just need a photo of the shower fitment and ideally some rough or exact measurements.

    Enjoy your camping!

    Please feel free to contact us anytime!



  2. Sam Steeds

    Hello Paul

    Thank you for your reply and apologies for the delay in mine.

    It was not the length front to back that was the problem but the circumference of the pipe coming out of the wall that would not fit.

    I will be trying it when I go camping, so fingers crossed.


  3. Paul Clark

    Hi Sam,

    Sorry to hear that it does not fit!

    Did you try it without the spacer attached as that can lengthen the shower attachment? If you would of only bought the attachment to use at your local swimming pool you are more than welcome to return it for a refund of the attachment cost.

    Look forward to your reply.



  4. Samantha Steeds


    I have just received my shower attachment and took it with me to my local swimming pool.
    Unfortunately it does not work as the water inlet pipe has a much bigger diameter than the shower attachment.
    I appreciate that one size does not fit all but disappointed that I can’t use it.

    Many thanks

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