About Us


We design and make all our own products, we endeavour to make the highest quality products that will last using the best materials and technology that are available.


Our sketches and ideas are turned into 3D models using CAD.
We then combine 3D Printing and moulding to create our products.

Latest Projects

Synio Shower Attachment

We developed the Synio Shower Attachment because my 3 year old son was too small to reach and push the shower button after a swimming lesson. This was frustrating when …

Mongoose Balance Bike Footplate

I have developed a footplate for my son’s Mongoose R12 Balance Bike. I designed this footplate to allow my 3.5 year old son Josh to progress past sitting down on …

BIC 3 Colour Redesign

This product was born out of frustration from using the BIC 4 Colour pen. This new design is seamless and super strong. Multiple parts have been reduced to create a …